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  • Doctorate of Philosophy in International Relations (PhD)

  • Graduate Certificate in Psychology 

  • Master of Science in Child Development 

  • Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (DPsych)

  • Chartered Counselling Psychologist (CPsychol)

  • Registered with the HCPC as a Practitioner Psychologist




Before training as a counselling psychologist, I worked for many years as a lecturer and student adviser in one of London’s flagship universities. There I developed a keen interest in life transitions, and a better understanding of the role timely support could play in enabling an individual to face new challenges and develop to his or her full potential.


I was later able to build on this experience and to work in a wide variety of clinical settings, including a GP practice, a university counselling service, a private oncology clinic and several specialised NHS services. I also developed a particular interest in trauma and overwhelming emotional states, completing additional training in trauma-focused treatments.


Counselling psychology practice


Over the past ten years I have provided personalised psychological counselling to people facing a broad range of difficulties, including:


  • Stress and burnout

  • Low self-confidence

  • Depression and unhappiness

  • Anxiety, panic and obsessions 

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Anger and aggression

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Fertility, perinatal and parenting issues

  • Physical illness

  • Bereavement and loss


I also continue to support those in the midst of a life transition, helping them adjust to new circumstances and discover new sources of meaning and growth. 


When not in the therapy room I work as a Lecturer in Counselling Psychology at City, University of London. 



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